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How to send files from PC to phone using Shareit

For this tutorial you will able to learn the following:

  1. How to send files (photos, apk, pdf, mp3, mp4, other types of files) from computer/laptop to phone.
  2. You will also able to know how to connect your phone's Shareit to your computer's Shareit.
  3. You will be able to send files from mobile phone to your laptop.

How to send files from PC to phone using Shareit

1. Download and install Shareit for phone and pc. [PC/laptop download]. To be able to install Shareit in your phone use Google Play and search Shareit and install it. You need internet connection to install Shareit in your phone.
2. After installing open your Shareit both in pc and phone, Open it (both pc and phone). Click the Receive button of your phone's Shareit app.

3. Still in your phone's Shareit, click Connect PC button.

4. Just click Go (phone's Shareit) in the next step. See the image below.

5. Click the user that your phone's Shareit will detect to connect. See the eggplant image below.

6. Now when connected, your pc shareit will look like the image (left) below, and your phone's Shareit will be the image on the right below. Just click Pictures and browse the photo or photos that you wanted to send from your pc to your phone.

7. When done, you will see the success message in your phone. This confirms that the photo(s) were sent successfully.

8. Now for you to be able to send files from your phone to your PC, just do the same steps from above. But instead of clicking Receive in your phone, you will need to click the Send button.
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